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Dru and the Geezers

Dru and the Geezers are a cumulative result of years of "natural evolvement (and survival of the fittest)" that has led to the band you see and hear today. It starts 50 years ago with Mark (Hills) and Sandy (Zeiger) playing that hit of yesteryear,Tom Dooley. in the 5th grade talent show. Their history of playing together goes through many bands and many eras (from Tom Dooley --- through the Stones in their heyday -- through David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust days --- through an era of all original material.........and eventually their story leads to playing in the Geezers for the past 14 years.

AND then, from another angle -- Mark and Dru (Thurston) played country music together in HD Landis for about 10 years. We're talking Patsy Cline etc --Country. And after a very successful run in KC and surrounding areas that band broke up. When HD Landis called it quits Dru and Mark hooked back up with Sandy and started The Geezers. Then a merge of rock roots and country harmonies blended with the creativity of playing/recording originals. One of this writer's all-time most favorite compliments (ever) received by the band was "you guys play all of the songs like you wrote 'em".

The addition of the multitalented Jere Hanney (drums,bass,guitar, writer) came about 8 years into the Geezers -- and sent them down yet another avenue of their ongoing musical pathway. His dynamic drums and strong vocals and original tunes added some wonderful new dimensions to the ever-evolving program.

Then, the band added musical veteran Dave Reeter -- Successful lead vocalist and all round music professional. More new dimensions -- new styles -- and harmonies. One more touch to the diversity of the band. At this point, probably one of the most eclectic song lists anywhere EVER!!

The final addition, Joe Hopkins on bass. Another amazing multi-instument player and vocalist and songwriter. The final piece of the puzzle!

So from the above array of extremely diverse and talented individuals comes the band you now see and hear -- Dru and the Geezers. A wonderfully eclectic songlist designed to catch most anyone at some point and ring a bell within you that makes ya smile. Always a party. Every musician having fun ---being fun--and contributing to an atmosphere that'll make your troubles go away. Get lost in the music with us.  Go look at the song list and come to the party ready to rock/dance/eat/drink/smile/whistle/........and all the other fun legal things that you think make you happy.

In summary, you could call it a "family" of friends (not exactly the Partridge Family -- but still a family) having fun with the music. And, importantly, wanting to share that fun --and that music--- with YOU. So next event you have -- from Woodstock to your company BBQ to your backyard block party -- to a wedding reception to your roadhouse style tavern -- listen to the music and , if it's what to do, give us a call. We're responsible (but not too responsible) -- mature (but not too mature) --fun (but not too fun....hmmm). ANYWAYZ, come share our music with us.

Dru and the Geezers

Dru Thurston - Vocals
Dru is a native of Kansas City. It seems that she was born singing. Her first experiences with music were classical piano lessons from age 4 to 18 and singing in the church choir.

In high school, Dru teamed up with friend and songwriter, Dorene Landis, who added Dru’s vocals as backups to original material. She became an instant hit in the “country club” circuit. Dru went on to join Dorene and the “H.D. Landis Band” was born.  

Dru has added her vocals to back up many other professionals in Kansas City and has been featured with Dorene Landis on the “New Songwriters of Kansas City” cd.

For the past 14 years Dru has stepped into the limelight as lead vocalist for Dru and the Geezers. Her voice is both sexy and sweet with a touch of soul (when needed) and rock.

When asked what are her musical influences are………”whatever makes me dance” and “whatever makes me cry”.
Mark Hills - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mark has played guitar in Kansas City based bands since the sixties in a long string of bands that includes The King's English, Major Tom and the Kords, The Duck Band, HD Landis, Wellstrung, Singled Out, Loozin' Sleep (and others). After all these years he has a reputation as a solid, innovative, and creative lead guitarist. 
His signature sound and guitar playing skills continue to keep him playing in front of crowds of fans, friends and ne'er do wells (some of these groups overlap). Playing with Dru and the Geezers provides him the creative outlet to play both cover tunes (he "plays 'em like he wrote 'em") and original material . His trademark guitar work is a cornerstone part of the Geezers sound. 
Mark sez "It's partly about the people you meet, the musicians you get to share the adventure with -- but, mostly, it's about the music. "
Sandy “Sandman” Zeiger - Guitar, Vocals

Sandy has been a songwriter and performer around the K.C. area for the last 30 years. He started playing guitar and keyboards with another member of DRU and THE GEEZERS, Mark Hills at the age of 13. Over the years they sometimes went their separate ways pursuing their own musical interests, but they never lost touch with the synergy they exude any time they are together on stage or when they are writing original music.

Sandy has worked hundreds of hours offstage writing over 200 original songs and jingles. He scored many number 1 tunes as a member of THE KORDS and FADE TO BLACK. A strong member of the online MP3 Community since its inception in 1999, Sandy can be heard with Mark today on as the primary songwriter and guitarist for THE KORDS and FADE TO BLACK. Sandy is involved with several aspects of the IAC website, including recruiting several of his major artist friends. 

Sandy’s musical influences range from Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, Def Leppard and all of the other British “bad boys”, to the punkish American west coast beat of OFFSPRING, to the Midwestern crunch of LINKIN PARK. To him, great Rock knows no age!

Motto “No matter where you run, there you are.”  ROCK ON!!  Sandman

Jere Hanney - Drums, Vocals
Mickey Munoz left the Geezers in August, 2004 and that’s when Jere Hanney assumed the drum throne due to his association with Mark Hills and then-bassman Gary Schmeck in another rock band, "Singled Out".  At this point, the Geezers became "Still Rockin’" for a spell (and became "Steel Rocket" when Dave Reeter and Joe Hopkins joined the band before we returned to the original "Dru & the Geezers" moniker).
Jere was simultaneously playing drums with "Singled Out" and rehearsing with another band, "Katie Bar The Door" that featured Joe Hopkins on bass.  Previously, Jere played bass with "Flashback" and guitar with "Hazardous Materials" and drums with a variety of bands from "The Suburban Speakeasy Five + One" (Dixieland jazz) and "Larry Goodwin & the Country Wheels" (pure C&W) going back to the first band he played in, "Quality" (a Mamas and Papas style folk rock band) in 1970.  Jere also played with friend and singer Richard Bardwell as a folk/blues duo that played the local coffeehouse circuit during the same time period.
Jere began writing and recording his own material in 1979 and continues to this day, now contributing material for the Geezers.  He would say that, not only does making music with the Geezers keep him feeling young, but his longest lasting friendships (many of 40 years or more) have come as a direct result of the incredible bond that is forged with other musicians he’s played with over the years and especially this bunch of Geezers!
Dave Reeter - Vocals, Percussion
Dave has been singing rock n’ roll since the age of 16.  He cut his teeth on high school dances and local parties in central rural Iowa.  Dave performed in the Des Moines bar scene, colleges and events in central Iowa and neighboring states with a band called “Ecstasy”.  School lost the appeal it once had and before long the “itch” took him on the road.  Dave traveled the Midwest club circuit with an outfit called “Zipper”.  

Life stepped in and diverted Dave from the music for long enough to create and experience a Family.  Dave decided to make a come back in July of 2004.  By October of that same year he was introduced to and asked to join “DRU and The Geezers”.  

Dave is a seasoned veteran of the “Rock N’ Roll” highway.  He has developed his own style of singing that incorporates his knowledge, experience and talent.  His interpretation of the music brings excitement and passion to the stage.  His harmonies bring the fullness to the verses. Dave’s abilities with  hand  percussion instruments enhance the rhythms and beats.
Dave’s performance onstage, helps bring it all together to insure we all have fun.

Dave’s Quote: “By the Grace of God we have a talent to bring enjoyment to people. What’s more is that those people who come to hear us give back the love. I am truly Blessed and proud to be a Geezer”.
Joe Hopkins - Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Joe has played lead guitar, bass and lead vocals in an array of bands in KC since 1974. The inaugural band "Wheatland Central" was a country rock/original band. From there the next major change was 1979 to a rock band named "Tower". Another reincarnation of "Wheatland Central" which was straight country music. "Maximum Bob" was mainly an original band. Creative juices flowing with hundreds of original songs with Jere Hanney who is one of the Geezers as well. 
Bass is Joe's main attention in the Geezers. In addition to lead and backup vocals, Joe lends a unique approach to integrating a five string bass to the cover tunes of the '50s through today's music. Also, he has added some originals to the Geezer format. He too, plays covers like he wrote 'em. Music is a passion that has been a part of him since teaching himself to play at 8 years of age on a Silvertone guitar.
Joe's quote; "Geezers are a family of great musicians that I am proud to call friends. I hope you enjoy the music as much as we do."